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Consignment Sales, Pottery ID's and Appraisals

In the fall of 2005, Mark took full-time employment as a teacher of writing and other general-education courses (at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio). For information about his activities, please read the News page.

Mark Bassett can not provide free ID's or appraisals. Sorry!

How to Do It Yourself.....  DIY...

Reference books and first-hand study are essential to a fuller appreciation of our ceramic art history. Mark's personal education in this regard has taken 20 years, and he is an active person, juggling lots of projects.

With numerous specialized books on pottery available, plus Ebay and other on-line resources, you can easily conduct your own research and come up with approximate values for selling a single item at auction or in a house sale.

Why not join the American Art Pottery Association, where you can find LOTS of other folks who love to speculate about makers, values, and related topics... and read the AAPA's outstanding bimonthly journal?

The AAPA also runs a pottery discussion group, runs photos of unidentified pots on its website, and also offers services such as an on-line translator of foreign phrases into English. Much of the website is available to the general public--for free!

If you are planning to attend an antique show or pottery-related event, why not bring along that pot you haven't been able to identify? Pottery lovers enjoy testing their knowledge, and it is easy to gather a variety of opinions that way. In no time, you will discover that the maker of your piece can be narrowed down to just a few likely manufacturers.

This is the ideal place to find several dozen folks who won't mind giving you guestimates of value and all kinds of other advice.

While at an antique show, Mark Bassett (like other pottery lovers) enjoys speaking with everyone about our various collections, research activities and other interests. In that setting, he is often invited to offer his "two cents" about an unmarked pot and is happy to do so. 

Consignment Sales

Occasionally, Mark takes selected consignments or complete collections on commission from collectors, to be offered for sale at one of the shows in which he participates as an exhibitor/dealer.

In particular, the annual July "Pottery Festival" in Zanesville and Cambridge, Ohio, is an outstanding opportunity for him to sell the rarest consignments.

Consultations are free, and the commission is reasonable. References available upon request.


Mark Bassett does not value or ID pottery by email or telephone. Sorry!

All appraisals must follow his first-hand examination of the object(s) in question. Photographs or verbal descriptions are not acceptable alternatives.

Speciality: 20th-century American and European art pottery

Fees: Please inquire for details regarding fees. ($50 minimum.)
In many cases, some additional research is necessary. Fees are computed by the hour (or fraction thereof). References available upon request.
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Updated 8/8/09